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Request for letters of support for 2018 RTP grant for grooming operation & Maintenance

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

The club needs each member to write a letter of support for our 2018 RTP Grant, to support our grooming  and Maintenance of our groomed routes.  We need these letters by January 15th. to allow ample time to complete the application.  A sample letter to follow here soon. 

The letters of support need to be mailed to PO Box 1002, Troy MT 59935

or Emailed to

sample letters:


I support the Troy Snowmobile Club in it’s Recreational Trails Grant application for groomer maintenance & operation.


The groomer maintenance & operation will provide for additional grooming of our approved routes. The current funding from the snowmobile grant restricts the number of times that we can groom, having a Recreational Trails Grant will allow for additional grooming, keeping our routes safer and more user friendly.




You may also write additional comments that you feel will help in our grant application.


Troy Snowmobile Club
Recreational Trails Program
Support Letter suggestions
Needed by January 15th 2018

Address your letter: supporting the Troy Snowmobile Clubs 2018 grant application

Return your letter to the Troy Snowmobile Club. PO Box 1002 Troy, MT 59935, or email to

This bulleted list could be used to help in writing a letter of support for our RTP grant application for Groomer maintenance and operation
A few sentences is all that’s needed addressing 2 or more of the bullets below.

• Snowmobiler: you might write about the economic importance brought to the community by the Troy Snowmobile Club during the winter months when the economy usually slows. The bulleted list also identifies other important talking points that can be used in your letter.
1. Its grooming efforts
2. Grooming improves the quality of the trail & riding experience.
3. destination riding areas
4. the destination shelter at Keeler
5. Maintenance & operation of our groomer to provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.
6. Search and rescue response time could be reduced
7. Any other information that would help promote this grant process.

o Other individuals: write about the economic benefit to the community, increased opportunities for other users that might use our trails. Any other information that would help promote this grant process.