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Found Helmet

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

If you were riding the Spread Creek area on Saturday the 10 of March and lost a helmet at the parking area, I have it. call Jerry at 295-4322 to identify.

2018 Club Rides

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

The first club ride of 2018, Spruce Lakes. 9 participant enjoyed the 18 inches of un-touched powder. Smokies, fixins, and refreshments were the fare of the day.








The second club ride of 2018,Spread Creek. 9 participants enjoyed the fine weather and a ride to the border with smokies, fixins, & refreshments.




Grooming Schedule 2017-18

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Our Grooming has started, we hope to have a second groomer for our Spread, Whitetail, & Pete groomed routes. This should improve the quality of these groomed routes.

KEELER:  was groomed on the 30th. of December,  January 11th, January 23rd. The LMC groomer (second one) was used to groom Keeler on the 2nd of February, the 13 of February, and to the second bridge on February 22nd. groomed on March 8th, & 13.

SPREAD CREEK: Has been Groomed, lots of trees made the work time consuming 2/14. groomed again on 3/2, and is in excellent shape.

Whitetail is our new connecting route: Was groomed on 2/15 and 3/2

PETE CREEK: Groomed from Whitetail down to the trailhead on 2/15 and groomed to the turnaround on 3/1.

The North/Beetle Creek route will no longer be groomed, but is still an open route connecting Spread & Pete Creek.

Before going into to the backcountry to ride and play check the conditions at

this is a change from last years avalanche forecasting.


The Bridge is back in place, allows access to Cheer & Spruce.