Keeler – Caution! Major Changes

Keeler Trail Changes:  The USFS IPNF, has removed the  gate and placed 3 foot boulders where the gate was on the Keeler Trail just past the saddle (in Idaho) Use the bypass located just before the gate area till we have 5 ft. of snow .  Beyond the gate, the USFS has attempted to return the terrain to a natural state.

Caution: as a result, obstacles have been inserted into what was a road. use caution when trying to navigate this area. It’s best to use a workaround on the up hill side when snow conditions are not sufficient to adequately  cover these boulders…

The Troy Snowmobile Club has been granted permission to groom beyond this bouldered area for a short distance, once enough snow has accumulated.

 Please be aware that the Keeler Trail and snowmobile area is located in both Montana and Idaho.

Idaho registration information:

Montana registration information:

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