Grooming Schedule 2016-17

KEELER:  groomed 11 times  from pony on the 5th of December . Groomed on the 16th 22nd & the 29th of December, Also groomed on the 5th 10th & 17th of January.  We groomed on February 7th, 20th & February 24th. & March 17th Note: this rain has opened up some trouble spots on the way up Keeler,  the road has washed out again, past the pipes use caution…  

SPREAD CREEK: groomed March 1st, & March 11th.

Whitetail is our new connecting route, groomed March 2nd. 

The North/Beetle Creek route will no longer be groomed, but is still an open route connecting Spread & Pete Creek.

PETE CREEK: groomed March 2nd.

Before going into to the backcountry to ride and play check the conditions at



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